History of the WARMLINE

The WARMLINE was created in July of 1994. A WARMLINE in Cleveland, Ohio gave us some ideas of what was needed.  We started with two four hour shifts-11A.M. to 3P.M and 3P.M. to 7P.M.  As the numbers of calls we received each shift kept growing we added another four hour shift, and another, and another until we had a 24 hour a day line.  To even out the number of four hour shift in a day we changed the hours of each shift to 12A.M. to 4A .M, 4A.M. to 8A.M. etc.


In 1999, the number of  WARMLINE calls missed showed the need for a second phone line. Gradually four more shifts were available. This provides two WARMLINE representatives  working from 12P.M. to 4A.M. – that means four shifts a day.


We continue making history. The WARMLINE has grown from six employee to thirty employees. The number of phone calls have gone from under a thousand a year to over twenty thousand a year.